Food Grows Where Water Flows

For more than 25 years, the California Farm Water Coalition has been working with our members to share information about farm water issues, and reminding Californians that "Food Grows Where Water Flows."

Be a part of the effort!

Request a free “Food Grows Where Water Flows” vehicle decal
Request free truck/trailer signs for commodity trailers
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Thank you to our partners and sponsors for the Powerhouse Science Center farm water exhibits!


$ 25,000 and above

Farm Credit

American AgCredit CoBank Farm Credit West

$ 10,000 and above


Stone Land  Company


$ 5,000 and above

Browning Honey Company


Bill Stone


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$1,000 and Above

Pon Orchards Coleman Farming Company JFB Ranch, Inc. Oakdale Irrigation District
4Creeks, INC David Santos Farming Keenan Farming Company Robert Keenan
Akin Ranch Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District Lester Farms Rodney Thomason
American Pistachio Growers Growers' Choice, Inc. Mark McKean Farms Stabler Ranch
Coachella Valley Water District Hammonds Ranch, Inc. Merced Irrigation District Turlock Irrigation District
Coburn Ranch Imperial Irrigation District Modesto Irrigation District Western Canal Water District

Up to $1,000

A.L. Gilbert Company Everett Family Machado Farms Putt's Produce & Hauling
Alden Peterson & Sons Fern Oaks Farms Machado Farms, L.P. Ramos & Kley Ranches
Almont Orchards, Inc Fiorini Ranch Maria Goncalo Ray Pool
Alves Family Trust Galen and Melba Miyamoto Martini Farms LLC Richard Enns Farms
Anthony Vineyards, INC. Gary Veeh Mary Kaljian Rimlander Farms
Arnold Farms Gilbert Orchards, Inc. MBK Engineers River Vista Farms
Bakersfield Land Company LLC Gist Farms Inc. McEwen Farms Rob Van Der Staay
Benson Family Farms Harley Phillips McKellar Family Farms Robert Bitter
Bowles Farming Company Hengst Farms McKellar Ranches Robert Everett
Brent Graham Heuer Farms Merced County FB S.A.S. Farms, LLC
BWS Farms, LLC Hilarides Trans. Company Midland Tractor Company Sam Ghilarducci Farms
Byron Fox Farming Huter Farms Mike Miller Stanislaus County Farm Bureau
Caswell Farms James C. Alvernaz Farms, Inc. Nichols Ranch Partnership Stone Land Co
Celli Brothers LLC James Mc Leod Nicks Restaurant  Telford Farms
Chandler Farms Jim Hicks and Company Oji Bros. Farm, Inc. Terra-Boa Farms
Chandler Farms, LP Joanne Nissen Orange Cnty Farm Bureau Toenjes Orchard
Clauss Dairy Farms John & Chuddy Sheppard Orradre Farming, INC Traynham Ranch
DeBenedetto AG John A. Giacone Ranch P.M. Sanguinetti Triple B Ranch
DeBenedetto Fruit Company John Bennett Pankey Ventures Valadao Dairy
Del Llano J-Tex Parreira Almond Processing Company Van Gundy Farms
Dewayne Bien Kautz Family Farms Patrick Alves VFM, inc.
E. Godinez Farming Keith Crain Peter & Margit Sands Waterfind, USA
Empreasa Del Bosque Kettleman Pistachio Growers Peter Nelson Yamshon Ranch
Erik Wilson Custom Spraying Leavitt's Grove Philip Wilson Ranch  
Etcheverry Sisters Live Oaks Farm Poverty Ridge Farms