Food Grows Where Water Flows

For more than 25 years, the California Farm Water Coalition has been working with our members to share information about farm water issues, and reminding Californians that "Food Grows Where Water Flows."

Be a part of the effort!

Request a free “Food Grows Where Water Flows” vehicle decal
Request free truck/trailer signs for commodity trailers
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California farms and farm water suppliers are committed to improving how we produce farm products, manage precious water, and protect the natural landscapes around us for future generations. Learn more about irrigation and farm water management, or explore innovations below.


Innovations On-Farm

Learn more about how farmers are using smart agricultural practices to produce food and fiber safely, efficiently, and affordably here in California.

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Water Supplier Improvements

Learn more about how California's farm water suppliers are working to improve water management efficiency, conserve water, and prepare for the future.

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Protecting the Environment

California's farm water users are committed to good stewardship of the natural resources, and landscapes that help define our communities.

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