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How Bad was the Drought?

Rt Map Drought Reservoir

Hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland were idled
and thousands of jobs lost due to the drought.
Reservoirs are full but drought rules persist.

Farm Water & Food Costs

The average American household is spending $3,820 less for food each year in comparison to their counterparts around the world. Learn more about the benefits of farm water and irrigation for your family.

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Farm Water Use: Efficiency & Conservation


From 2003 through 2010 San Joaquin Valley farmers invested almost $2.2 billion installing upgraded irrigation systems on more than 1.8 million acres.

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2014 Drought Impacts

Agricultural plays a vital role in California communities. Supply cutbacks, lost jobs, groundwater extractions, and diminished ag production hurt more than just farmers and the state’s economy.

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Farm Water & The Environment

California farms provide important environmental benefits, such as habitat for wildlife and migratory waterfow, as well as, an important food source for many species as harvesting typically leaves some product behind in the field.

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Learn Why Farm Water is Vital to California

2014 Drought Timeline

Learn more about the 2014 California Drought and view our timeline of Fact Sheets and information.

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Learn About Proposition 1

Learn more about Prop 1. See Regional Maps of Areas effected and see proposed water project examples.

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Farm Water in the News

See highlighted articles from various news sources regarding the 2014 California Drought

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CA Grown Commodities

California is the 4th largest supplier of food to the world. Learn more about products grown primarily in CA

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Agricultural Events

There are many agricultural events celebrating our favorite California Grown Foods

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Meet Our CA Farmers

You hear a lot about “Corporate Agriculture” but California farms aren’t corporate at all and are run by families.

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