Food Grows Where Water Flows

For more than 25 years, the California Farm Water Coalition has been working with our members to share information about farm water issues, and reminding Californians that "Food Grows Where Water Flows."

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Programs and Activities

The California Farm Water Coalition actively engages with the public and media on farm water issues. Engagement takes numerous forms and occurs at many levels. Below are some examples of the programs and activities the Coalition engages in.

  • Public Outreach

    "Farm Water Works!" is the public outreach program of the Coalition. Utilizing a variety of public relations methods, the Coalition carries the message that irrigated agriculture benefits all Californians.

  • Education Materials

    The Coalition works with programs like the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom to develop materials for schoolchildren and participates in programs to promote responsible water usage.

    The Coalition has produced a variety of publications and multimedia tools to educate and inform the public about California agricultural water issues.

    These materials help reinforce the Coalition’s message of agriculture’s economic vitality, environmental sensibility and its contributions to the quality of life in California.

  • Powerhouse Science Center

    The Coalition is working to develop new water-related exhibits for the Powerhouse Science Center.

    Occupying the historic Pacific Gas and Electric Powerhouse building in Sacramento, the upcoming Powerhouse Science Center will provide interactive exhibits covering a range of fields including conservation, earth sciences, physical sciences, astronomy, space sciences, and of course, water.

    The latest expansion of the popular Discovery Science Museum, the Powerhouse Science Center design includes 25,000 square feet of exhibits, including four exhibits directly addressing the relationships between California-grown food and the water needed to produce it.

    The Center, when complete, is expected to receive nearly a quarter million visitors every year from the 16 county region surrounding the Capitol, as well as visitors from across the country who visit Sacramento every year.

    Designed as part of a complex of Museums in Sacramento that includes the Sacramento Railroad Museum and the Crocker Art Museum, both popular destinations for class field trips from schools across the state, the Center will be joined to the Old Sacramento Historic Landmark District through the new Matsui Park on the Sacramento River frontage.

  • Farm Tours

    Farm tours help the public to connect with the farmers that produce food and fiber first hand. Share these and other images of California’s farms on social media!

    Do you blog? Interested in participating in a farm tour? Join us on a farm water tour by emailing farmwater (at)!

  • Publications and Multimedia Outreach

    The organization continuously works to develop new materials and publications highlighting issues, events and accomplishments concerning irrigated agriculture.

    The Coalition produces timely videos, fact sheets, infographs and other multimedia material to engage the public on social and other digital medias. The Coalition also maintains a web site that provides members and the public alike with timely information on water issues and background material on agricultural water use. The Coalition uses a variety of multimedia approaches aimed at teaching children of various ages about the industry.


  • Direct Outreach

    Exhibits at county fairs, Farm Day programs and other public forums give the Coalition direct contact with the public. The Coalition provides and coordinates presentations to community organizations, stakeholder groups, schools and others on California water.

  • Member and Affiliate Support

    Coordinating presentations on California water history or providing information on pressing issues, the Coalition provides support for our members looking to keep informed about California water.

    The Coalition provides support and assistance for affiliate organizations throughout the year. This support often takes the form of providing consultation and expertise on water issues.