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Stanislaus River’s Restored Salmon Habitat

Restored salmon habitat on the Stanislaus River Entitled “Replenishing a River: Stanislaus River Honolulu Bar Restoration,” this 11-minute video uses underwater photography, still images and...

FAQs About Proposition One

FAQs About Proposition One

Can we afford it?
How can we be sure the money will be well spent for what’s been promised?
How were the priorities for funding chosen?
Will the interests of rural and Northern California communities be protected?
How does the Delta benefit from Proposition One?
What will Proposition One do to help California prepare for climate change?
Which new dams will be built if Proposition One passes?

Farm Water & Farmers Markets

What do real people think about farmers markets? Check out this two-minute video and find out why people love farmers markets and the fresh, wholesome California fruits and vegetables they find there.

August 5, 2014 Drought Fact Sheet

August 5, 2014 Drought Fact Sheet

California Needs to Modernize its Water Infrastructure to Grow, Not Shrink, our Agricultural Output. California’s agricultural industry provides jobs and economic activity and plays a crucial role in global food production. But this position is at risk due to the drought and unreliable water infrastructure.

How Farmers Conserve Water

Learn how California farmers use advanced technology, irrigation scheduling and soil moisture monitoring to conserve water while producing a variety of fresh food products we all find at the grocery store.

CFWC 2013 Radio Spot

CFWC 2013 radio advertisement: The California Farm Water Coalition's outreach activities in 2013 included ads that ran on major Los Angeles-area radio stations KNX and KFWB over the course of five weeks.

Farm Water & Earth Day

No one knows more about Earth Day than the farmers who use water to produce food from the land. Believe it or not, many people think their food comes from the grocery store but it actually comes from productive farms, many of which are in California

Rice and Farm Water Connection

Rice and Farm Water Connection

Rice is one of California's most important crops, not only as food for human use, but rice also provides habitat and high quality food for wildlife, both native and waterfowl migrating along the Pacific Flyway.

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