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How much water?

How much water do you consume when eating your favorite meals?

Many people are surprised by how much water it takes to grow the fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods we enjoy eating. Today it’s more important than ever for all Californians to be mindful of water use.

California farmers have invested more than $3 billion in cutting edge technology to make California farms more water-efficient & more productive overall. And, while total agricultural water use in California has remained relatively stable over the last 50 years, the amount of food we produce with that water has increased over 43 percent.

That’s smart water use!



Garden Salad

ItemServing SizeGallons of Water
Lettuce3.2 ounces.91
Tomato5.3 ounces2.3
Cucumber3.5 ounces4.6
Bell Peppers5.3 ounces3.9
Avocado1.1 ounce4.5

Chicken Sandwich

ItemServing SizeGallons of Water
Boneless chicken breast7 ounces141
Dutch crunch roll1 roll31
Cheese1 slice6
Tomato2 ounces1.6
Lettuce.5 cup.7
Barbecue sauce.5 ounce6.3
Orange6.25 ounces8.2
Water12 ounces (FL oz).1

Fruit Salad

 Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

ItemRecipe SizeGallons of Water (recipe)
Kiwi fruit.25 cup44.2
Oranges1.5 cups34.3
Seedless grapes1 cup9.9
Blueberries2 cups39.4
Fresh lemon juice and zest⅓ cup8.1
Cantaloupe1 cup4.7
Apples1 cup11.5
Strawberries2 cups7.3

Check out the recipe for this fruit salad here!

Minestrone Soup

ItemRecipe SizeGallons of Water
Onion.75 cup3.6
Carrots.5 cup2.1
Celery.25 cup1.3
Beans19 ounces63.5
Cabbage.5 cup4.9
Stewed tomato14.5 ounces11.5
Pasta.5 cup19

Check out the recipe for this minestrone soup here!

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