Now is the time to prepare for our water future.

Now is the time to prepare for our water future.

California’s water system is broken; with an inefficient maze of more than 15 federal, state, and other agencies controlling California’s water, our efforts to improve California’s water systems and prepare for uncertainty is threatened.

Despite an abundant year of rain and snow, nature alone can’t fix California’s broken water system. Without acting to fix our broken system, the policies it produces leaves Californians at risk of a permanent drought- even during the wettest of years.

California’s broken water system is affecting us all- in the foods we eat, the places we play, and the environment around us. When we grow less food locally, consumers are forced to pay more for food grown in countries that do not have the same health and safety standards, and where environmental protections may be substantially different than those here in California.

Having a secure water future does not mean choosing between people, food, and the environment. Californians have built great things working together, and collaborative partnerships will continue to help us prepare for a future that has healthy families, vibrant farms and productive natural environments.

In fact, collaborative efforts have already proven that working together (Like the fish-producing partnerships on the Butte Creek Fish Passage Project and those of the ongoing Nigiri Project) and following sound science can lead to solutions that benefit us all.

California is a unique place, with a culture all our own. Full of innovators and creators; doers and makers; where cityscape meets farm-fresh; and where our future is in our hands.

The time is now to secure our water future. Click here to learn more about the effects of California’s broken water system.


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